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Hooked By Lou

Multicoloured Crochet Skirt - Rainbow Collection

Multicoloured Crochet Skirt - Rainbow Collection

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Part of the Iris Rainbow Collection.

This colourful little number is PERFECT for all you festival girlies that love wearing a little black top with a splash of crazy! Each one is completely unique, handmade using acrylic yarn which is super soft to the touch. The way this is made means that it's super breathable for any season, but you might want to wear some cycling shorts underneath if you don't want your underwear to be seen as there's holes all the way through.

Please select your rough size and then drop me a message @hookedbylou,, or reply to your email confirmation with your usual sizing/measurements you would like it to be.

I can make these skirts a little longer by adding a strip of colour along the bottom if you're tall or prefer things a little more modest (see last pic) - again just drop me a message for this and I can make it wurkkkk. <3

Simple skirt crochet pattern available to buy, click here to take a look!


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