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Hooked By Lou

Purple Egg Polymer Clay Crochet Hook

Purple Egg Polymer Clay Crochet Hook

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Handmade polymer clay crochet hooks. Lilac purple with white and yellow egg design, plus hole at the end for strap or charm as shown in photos - match with any of my charms!

Buy any crochet hook and get £3 OFF when you add a phone charm to your basket too - applied automatically.

I was recently looking for a crochet hook with a wrist strap but couldn’t find one anywhere online. I constantly drop my hook and have to pull my sofa apart looking for it, so thought it would be handy to just have it on my arm when I’m changing colours.

Since my idea seemed to not exist, I made it myself! These eggy crochet hooks come with a hole at the bottom that you can attach any phone charm to if you want, which I promise makes it a hundred times easier to find down the sofa too! 😂

Limited amount available in various sizes, with size shown on the end for ease of use. Each of these have been very gently sanded down gently, however there are still some imperfections as they have been handmade - this is shown in the photos.

If you don’t see your size, feel free to email me on and I will try to make sure that I include it in the next batch!

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