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Multicoloured Patchwork Crochet Cardigan - Rainbow Collection

Multicoloured Patchwork Crochet Cardigan - Rainbow Collection

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Part of the Iris Rainbow Collection.

Handmade multicoloured rainbow crochet cardigan made using colourful acrylic yarn and a selection of scrap ends which helps to reduce wastage from my projects!

Rainbow granny squares made using super soft acrylic yarn, featuring oversized sleeves with pink and randomly selected colour detailing around the cuffs. Each rainbow cardigan is completely handmade and unique and the price resembles about 30+ hours of work. 

Can be made in any colours/size or even made as a maxi/cropped cardi, just drop me a message on with any questions/custom requests and I’ll be happy to help!

Please hand wash or wash on a low heat with your delicates. Do NOT tumble dry. 

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